Start-up Company TITA Impex


TITA Impex

Designed and developed a website for a Spanish start-up food company TITA Impex, that imports / exports Indian herbs and spices. As part of my advice, I encouraged them to create pages with recipes to better market their spices & products. The assignment for Tita Impex was a full design and development service, except for the logo that was already provided by the company.

Services: Web development, CMS, Seo, Usability, Marketing, Graphics / Illustrations



A start-up Capital Investing company CICP with a new website and clean professional stationary logo and design. Website provide easy access to their services and resources, while the logo and design will convey the strength and stability of the brand.

Services: Static website development, Webdesign, Stationery Corporate package (Logo/Envelope/Letter), Seo, Graphics / Illustrations

Start-up Company CICP

Start-up Company FirstFloorSoftware


FirstFloor Software

Microsoft's MVP professional with specialised documents and the toolbox start-up website - FirstFloor Software.
The design includes crafting a cohesive micro-brand identity, understanding company value and objectives and translates them into a visual identity that captures essence creatively.

Services: Static website, Web design, Graphic design, Illustrations, Stationery Corporate package (Logo/Envelope/Letter)



Get ready to experience heart-racing fun with this PowerBoat ride! Small & enthusiastic start-up was proud to unveil their new website and stationary design, perfectly capturing the adrenaline-fueled activities that they offer and unique service promises to give you a blast like no other.

Services: Static website, Webdesign, Stationery Corporate package (Logo/Envelope/Letter)

 Start-up Company TITA Impex

Small Company

Beach Event

The website for Beach Event from The Hague has been redesigned to give off a fun and exciting summer vibe, seducting new customers to spend an active day on the beach. The website features vibrant images of people enjoying water sports and beach activities. The color scheme has been updated to reflect the vibrant hues of the summer season. The navigation has been kept basic for ease of use, making it simple for visitors to find the information they need to plan a day of fun in the sun.

Services: Web Development, Custom CMS, Web design, Seo, Graphics, Usability

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