Medium size: TNO Companies

Medium size

TNO Companies

This company focus on bringing scientific and corporate innovations to benefit the government and society, aims to provide solutions, research, and technology advancements to create a better future. Alexx was asked to evaluate the project of making a new website based on a mock-up. The accepted proposal resulted in a bilingual website with a custom-made CMS that would allow for easy and precise editing of website content.

Services: Project Management, Front & Back-end Web Development, Usability

Medium size


Alexx collaborated with a UI partner to create the UX and Front-end of the NPEX stock exchange, connecting investors and entrepreneurs for financing, impact, and return. The result was a user-friendly platform, designed to deliver a seamless experience to all parties. The project involved processing vast amounts of big data, which was successfully organized and presented in an intuitive and accessible format.

Services: UX, UI, Front-end Web Development, Web design, Interactive Graphics

 Medium size: Npex Stock Exchange

 Medium size: Fimmo Real Estate

Medium size


Alexx developed a whole new website for FIMMO, a respected European real estate company, with a minimalist website design. The main focus was on enhancing user experience and making it easy for clients to browse and find suitable houses throughout Europe. To ensure optimal usability, Alexx utilized eye tracking testing during development. The effort resulted in a clean and sleek website that is both user-friendly and functional.

Services: UX, UI, Web Development, Project Management, Web design, Graphics

Medium size


Alexx collaborated with a design studio to create a functional front-end for a prominent real estate company based in The Hague. The new website boasts a sleek and modern design that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. With Alexx's expertise, the front-end of the website was developed to provide a seamless browsing experience for customers, ensuring that they can easily find the information they need.

Services: Front-end Web Development

 Website Stadgenoot

Medium size


The Amsterdam-based real estate company, Stadgenoot, has collaborated with a design studio to revamp their website. Alexx was hired to implement UX/UI and translate it to the modern Front-end. The updated site features a modern design and improved navigation, providing users with a more intuitive and pleasant experience.

Services: Front-end Web Development

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