Applying the latest technology with a strong dash of common sense, is the foundation of AlexxDesign's approach to creating & design.

After more then a decade of experience working on various projects for Agencies, Brand Names, Government, Media, StartUp's - Small & Medium sized businesses, AlexxDesign knows the correct approach to each challenge, and more importantly – your challenge.

  • Web design & development
  • Interaction Design
  • Identity & (Micro) Branding
  • User Experience and Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Website Usability
  • Information architecture

Clear approach

AlexxDesign has the following approach to full service website (and other media) projects:

  • When you know your perfect customer your website can be configured to 'speak' to that customer, to sway them and if required, to sell to them. 
    Do you have the research tools to gain insights into the needs and motivations of those customers when they reach your website? Do you have the resources to conduct the user interviews and ethnographic studies to really understand how to target your customer? Alexx does.
  • Good designed websites favour well-signed motorways to their visitors, allowing them to easily navigate and discover.
    Would you like to know the quality of your website visitor's experience, what they do on your site? Can they find the information they require easily and are they enticed to an easy selling experience? For all of AlexxDesigned websites, the answer to these questions is a definite – yes!

  • A beautiful hotel is useless if it’s buried away, and nobody knowing of its existence.
    Similarly, the best designed website is wasted if the web-surfer is not aware of it. Can you ensure the world knows of your website? Will they be seduced to visit you rather than your competitors? Does your website obey all complex rules of Search Engine Optimisation and are social media strategies embraced? AlexxDesign ensures you get the marketing you need for success!

  • A website must be simple to use and easy on the eye.
    The layout and design should lead to Accessible, Readable and Intuitive web-pages, whilst keeping the focus on products & services.
    Alex ensures all this, AND makes sure the website has aesthetic appeal..

  • Advanced technology goes into the creation of websites nowadays.
    If you don't use the latest technology you'll have a horse drawn wagon of a website instead of a space shuttle! Do you need a website that responds quickly and consistently, on various platforms (desktop, laptop, tablets and smart phones), and contains an appropriate CMS (Content Management System)?
    If so, choose AlexxDesign to build your website.

  • The people who created the Boeing 747 didn't juggle all the pieces together and hoped the aircraft would take-off perfectly on the first attempt.
    They tested, re-tested, fixed and tested yet again. By the time the aircraft took its first commercial flight, many people had actually already flown inside it, under many different conditions.
    Building a quality website requires similar pre-release testing. There is no second chance for the first customer impression. Your product has to work correctly from the first upload on the server. Every AlexxDesign's product will be thoroughly examined and tested prior to launch.

  • The best castle in the world needs ongoing maintenance.
    Light-bulbs dim, plaster slips, carpets fade. Similarly, a website needs ongoing support. Technology can change, ISPs go bankrupt, customer demands evolve.


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Services & Terminology

A short list of terms, with explanations.

  • UxD
    User Experience Design
    Finding “the sweet spot” between the Website user’s needs and the business goals,
    and furthermore ensure that the design is on your brand.
  • GUI
    Graphical User Interface
    Allowing your Website user easy and understandable interaction with the Website.
  • UR&P
    User Research & Profiling
    Finding out exactly what your users need.
  • PE
    Project Evaluation
    A detailed plan for the work that is to be done on a project with the explanations of how to do it:
    eliminating the guess work, focusing on goals, target audience, project details and the development process.
  • WD
    Web Design
    Creating aesthetic layout for your website that will suite your User and Business goals.
  • RWS
    Responsive Web Design
    An approach to web design in which a website is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, across a wide range of devices like: computer, laptop / notebook, tablet and smart / mobile phones.
  • CMS
    Content Management System
    A program that allows you to publish, edit and modify your Website content.
    Alex builds custom CMS or uses appropriate 'Open Source' solutions.
  • SEO
    Search Engine Optimization
    Improves your website search results and easy finding (Google).
  • FED
    Front-end Development
    Coding website layout like you see it on the screen, in HTML5 and CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets).
    AlexxDesign is coding for Desktop, Tablets & Mobile phones, following Best Practices and Web standards.
  • CSS 3
    Cascading Style Sheets
    A front-end coding language used for describing the presentation semantics.
  • HTML 5
    HyperText Markup Language
    A coding language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet.
  • ID
    Identity & Micro Branding
    Developing a strategy to market to your target audience via the Internet. Businesses can target their audience through a variety of different means including social media, on-line advertisements, on-line classified ads, and other Internet methods.