One vision

.. and an attitude

AlexxDesign is a petit creative studio, committed in creating Interactive yet Usable web sites, and successful micro brands across various digital media & across countries and continents

ALEXXDESIGN isn't a word

... it's a sentence.
And a sentence AlexxDesign counts experience of 100+ successful projects, performed for big, complex organizations with tricky problems, various Government projects or small startups with great ideas. And most of other in between.

AlexxDesign has probably already completed a project very much like what you need – allowing us to deliver your contract quickly and efficiently.


Services for Sectors & Industries

Or what AlexxDesign can do for you

 Services for Bureaus, Agencies en Designers Bureaus, Agencies & Designers
  • Translating your creative concepts & strategy to a working medium
  • Complex Responsive Front-end
  • Web Application development
  • Interaction Design
  • HTML prototyping
 Organizations & Firms Organizations & Firms
  • Designing user friendly website
  • Re-designing current website
  • Custom & Open Source CMS
  • Building a desirable applications
  • Branding / re-branding
  • Search Engine Optimization

Sector: Government & Semi-government Government & Semi-government
  • Updating & re-designing websites & Intranets
  • Defining User Experience
  • Improving Readability and Accessibility
 Startup’s with a great ideas Startup’s with a great ideas
  • Defining the goals for your on-line presence
  • On-line marketing
  • Designing and building website and eventually on-line applications
  • Corporate Identity / Micro branding
  • Social media strategies

Visit our portfolio and find out what AlexxDesign can do for you.